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About Us

We are a local family small business that offers exterior cleaning solutions. We specialize in residential and commercial exterior cleaning! We offer Roof Treatment to neutralize moss, lichen, and black steaks known as gloeocapsa magma that is harmful to the limestone in asphalt shingles. What would a clean roof be like Without clean gutters? Yes, we do gutter cleaning maintenance to keep your gutters working properly year round! Soft Washing is an effective method we use to wash the exterior of many residential and commercial buildings. We use a 100% biodegradable solution to neutralize and then wash away the dirt and grime from your home. Don't forget about the windows! During our house wash process the windows will be washed with soap and water. One of our packages we offers hand washed and cleaned windows! Concrete driveway surface cleaning and sealing to protect and help keep your concrete driveway in tip top shape for years to come! Give us a Call for a FREE Estimate 330-648-3456 or visit us online for an instant bid! Thepowerhousepros.com